Field Tile and Drainage

Proper field drainage is one of the fastest ways in which you can improve your land production and land value.

We have seen first-hand how quickly installing drainage has increased/improved crop value as well as land value for our landowners.  Properly drained fields can increase crop production by up to 100 bushels per acre and increase land value up to $1,000 per acre.

Research by top land grant universities show that for every $1 spent on drainage technology, producers get $3 to $4 back in corn and soybean profits.  Additional benefits include:

  • More consistent yields
  • Allows for more efficient use of resources
  • Reduces financial risks
  • Earlier and more timely planting
  • Improved harvesting conditions
  • Less wear and tear on equipment
  • Less power required for field operations
  • Better plant stands
  • Less plant stress
  • Fewer plant diseases
  • Less soil compaction
  • Invest in drainage increases the productivity and appraised value of the land

Ruff Farms offers a full line of service to meet your surface and subsurface drainage needs.

  1.  We start with You!  We want to understand your needs and goals for your farm during a free onsite consultation.
  2.  Through the use of RTK/GPS technology, we build a topographic map of your farm/field.  Then we develop a drainage plan for surface or subsurface drainage.  The plan can be easily tailored to meet your needs.
  3.  A full line of commercial drainage equipment allows us to build terraced drains on the surface or go to the depths necessary to install drainage tile.  Tracked trenchers, plows, excavators and dozers allow for installation in a variety of conditions.
  4.  After the connections have been made and the cleanup is done, we prove digital and paper versions of the installed system, which is beneficial for future projects or owners.

Our staff and business have logged years and miles of drainage installation.  Customers comment frequently on our efforts to get the job done and done right.

We are members of the Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) and work closely with your local soil and water office as well as your adjoining landowners if necessary.  Customers and neighbors alike appreciate our level of concern and communication as well as our attention to detail.

Contact us for a free onsite consultation by calling (740) 207-1256 or emailing us at  We look forward to doing business with you.