Learning and Sharing

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We have all been a part of events in our work life that have involved training, retraining and continuing education.  Sometimes that occurs in informal atmospheres, close to home.  Other times we travel to far away places to receive information to apply which makes us safer, more efficient and generally more knowledgeable.

The team at Ruff Farms has been involved in many of those such trainings and experiences in recent months.  Many times, we not only attended the workshops, but we were also asked to present information to benefit others.  After the experiences, we try to come back and share with others on the team about what was learned or observed.

I am proud of the team for being willing to get out of their comfort zone to learn and share with others.

Some of the learning and sharing events are:

  • Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association Annual Meetings and Workshops, Columbus, Ohio
  • The Overholt School of Drainage, Findlay, Ohio
  • The Southwest Ohio Corn Growers Association Field Day, Washington Court House, Ohio
  • Top Producer Executive Network Peer Group Meeting, Wisconsin
  • JD Equipment Combine Clinic, London, Ohio
  • No-Till Conference in Ada, Ohio
  • Ag PhD Field Day in Baltic, South Dakota
  • The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers, Austin, Texas
  • Winfield Field Day in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • National Farm Machinery Show, Louisville, Kentucky
  • DTN/Progressive Farmer-Ag Summit, Chicago, Illinois
  • Top Producer Conference, Chicago, Illinois
  • Recertification of Pesticide Applicators Licenses through OSU Extension
  • New Fertilizer Applicators Licensure Program through Ohio State University and Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Host a peer advisory meeting for producers from central Ohio about Technology Usage

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