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It is that time of year again.  School time.  In a household with three kids and a teacher, and myself serving on the school board, it seems that our calendar or frame of refer.  ence has more to do with the school calendar that it does anything else.  Complicating that is the calendar for the growing season.  It used to be that the school year had an agrarian base or reference.  I guess those days are long gone.

Matthew (11) is entering 6th grade in a new building with lockers.  That was cause for some anxiety early on but he is managing like it is all old hat at this point.  He showed a heifer again at the fair and was very successful.  He is involved in the youth soccer program at Westfall and is getting stronger and faster all the time.  He is growing up and I do not know what to do about that other than try to enjoy being a part of his adventure.  This summer, Matthew spent a good deal of time on the farm helping out with maintenance and improvement projects.

Mitchell (8) is now in third grade.  He has been a CloverBud for the past few years and will be a 4-H member this year.  He has talked of showing goats and having a dog. He is a friend to all animals.  I think animals are a good judge of character and they are attracted to people they know and trust, Mitchell is surrounded.  He is soft spoken and mannerly and makes new friends instantly.  It will be interesting to see where God leads him in life.  Mitchell is also involved in club soccer at school.

Mae (3) is not yet in preschool but as sharp as a tack.  I think the younger siblings learn faster and move quicker, maybe out of survival and competitive instinct or at least because they have role models to follow after.  Mae is a natural born leader, that being said of a three year old is that she be a little bossy of the boys.  We’ll just call good managerial instinct at this point.  She is Mommy’s helper but loves to come out to the shop too.  It might be because I keep snacks in the shop, but we’ll hope it is to hang out with Dad.

Marcia is now a reading intervention specialist at Westfall, serving first graders.  The new position is exciting with a different kind of work focus than traditional classroom instruction.  Marcia has been a 4-H volunteer for 17 years now and uses her talents of working with children beyond the school year and school day.  She has also taken on the role of Sunday School Teacher for middle school aged children at Trinity Lutheran Church.

We all took time to get away a little last winter and again this summer.  Most recently we went camping out to many historic sites in Springfield, Illinois and visited the St. Louis Arch.

A part of the Ruff Farms Family, Chris Sawyer, welcomed a new addition on March 12th, Alexis Jo Sawyer.  Congrats to Chris and Kristin.




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