Ruff Farms adds value to land and land partners

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Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsibility in planning and management.  Outstanding stewardship, along with high levels of integrity, are at the core of what we strive to achieve at Ruff Farms.  We express it in print and in spirit with you.

In my mind, adding value to our land partners and the land we farm is a part of our stewardship commitment to you.

Adding value to our land partners through additional information was at the forefront of our July Land Partner Information Meeting.  Approximately 35 land partners and guests joined us for an evening of good food and dissemination of critical information.  Melissa Betz, Pickaway County Auditor spoke about Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV).  Carl DeBruin, Certified Crop Advisor and Agronomist from United Landmark spoke about weed resistance issues facing farmers and landowners including Marestail and Palmer Pigweed.  We concluded the evening with the conversation about the current state of the commodity markets, where we had been and where we might be headed.  All of this information is vital to the long-term value of farmland.  Not recognizing the value of CAUV and understanding how it works may reduce an owners’ ability to plan.  Failure to recognize and manage for some of the evolving weed species could hinder a farm or field’s ability to be farmed, which has already happened in parts of the United States.  The commodity markets affect farmers and owners alike as yield and price are the two major factors in the profitability equation.

In addition to sharing information, we strive to offer value that goes well beyond a lease payment.  Clean fields and field boundaries, properly and timely applied nutrients using soil test data, continual scouting by trained professionals and the appropriate applications of chemistry to the land and its crops, not to mention repaired and improved drainage and conservation practices are just a few.  Adding value to our community through donations, scholarships and community service are all part of community stewardship.

Looking to the future, we are always striving to find ways to add value to you and your land.

Mark Ruff

Special points of interest:

*Adding value to our land partners is a part of our mission of outstanding stewardship at Ruff Farms

*The activities that add value to you and your land comes in many forms throughout the entire year

*The landowner information meeting held in July provided valuable information for those in attendance

*The management, staff and suppliers are committed to adding value to you now and in the future

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