Lawn Seeding

Since 1997, Ruff Farms has performed permanent and temporary seeding for  residential and commercial properties as well as schools/universities and athletic fields.

We offer hydro seeding/hydro mulching, Billion seeding, straw mulching and sod installation.

Soil preparation is key for preparing your soil to be a beautiful, lush lawn.  Preparation methods may include using a Harley rake to pulverize the soil to make good soil to seed contact and Rock Hounding to remove rocks down to 3/4″ (#57 size).

We can match seed to your specifications or match seed that is best suited to your area and soil type.  We also have the ability to apply fertilizer during soil preparation or at the time of seeding.

The best times for seeding for the most luxurious lawn is fall or spring but we can also seed at a time that meets your needs.  Applying different types of mulch and rates per square foot can allow for successful seeding year round.

Contact us for a free estimate by calling (740) 207-1256 or emailing us at  We look forward to doing business with you.